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The deluxe models made of red and white oak have classic shapes and characteristics but woods undergo a thorough selection and careful finish.

Classic Bokken Aikido & Kendo - Made in Japan

40 Bokken Wooden Sword Japanese Kendo Katana Wood Samurai Training Boken tfb

These Shinai High Quality Bamboo Swords are used as a practice sword for beginner and professionals in order to simulate the weight of a katana or a bokken without injuring the user or the target. The four slats tied together are specifically designed to reduce the force of impact of a blow. Upon hitting the target, the four staves flex and compact together, spreading the force of the blow over a longer period of time.

Kendo Shinai High Quality Bamboo Sword Special Training Samurai Katana Bokken with Carrying Case (#26 - 32 inch Overall), Size: #26 (32 Overall)

Child Bokken - Standard Chuto Length - Made in Japan

YORYU Jo - rokushakubo Legno di ciliegio Aikido : .it: Sport e tempo libero

KWON Bokken with plastic hilt Wooden Sword for Aikido, Iaida, Kata, Kendo

DEPICE Bokken nero, ca. 101 cm. Peso: ca. 700 g, laccato nero, incl. Tsuba, giapponese, Iaido Aikido : : Sport e tempo libero

Jo in legno bastone Aikido Wushu Kune Do Krav Maga Arti marziali kali Armi 125cm, Prodotti ARMI

Martial Arts Supplies – KWON Equipment martial arts weapons

Sasaki Kojiro Extra Long Bokken - Nodachi

40 Bokken Wooden Sword Japanese Kendo Katana Wood Samurai Training Boken Daito

Compressed Bamboo Daito Bokken – KendoStar International

Martial Training Shop - Martial Training Shop by Stede sas