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A digital caliper with the standard - exterior - and jaws inside equipped.

Mitutoyo ABSOLUTE Digimatic Depth Gage, 0-150mm - 571-201-30 - Penn Tool Co., Inc

This digital height gage features and ABSOLUTE linear encoder eliminating over-speed error and has a large slider feed wheel. Contact Microscope

Mitutoyo ABSOLUTE Digimatic Height Gage 0-300mm

Mitutoyo Bi-Directional Touch Trigger Probe for Digital Height Gages - 192-008 - Light Tool Supply

Mitutoyo 572-565 Vert. Multi Function Scale: 600mm

Mitutoyo Internal Digital Caliper Gauge, 10-30mm, 0,01mm, D=1mm Sphere - 209-936

Mitutoyo Digimatic Height Gage, 0-24/600mm, 192-632-10

Mitutoyo 543-783 ID-S1012EX Digimatic Indicator with Ip42 SPC Output

SYLMOS wireless transimetter used for mitutoyo digital calipers,indicators and micrometers,with usb wireless receiver - AliExpress

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Mitutoyo Digimatic Depth Gage, 6/150mm IP67 - 571-261-10

Mitutoyo Digimatic Tire Tread Depth Gage, 0-1/0-25mm, 571-200-20

Mitutoyo® 192-151 - 192 Series™ 0 to 18 SAE Dial Height Gauge with Digital Counter

・Measurement range : 0〜12 mm ・Minimum display amount : 0.0005mm, 0.001 mm, 0.01mm ・Insertion depth : 21 mm ・Indication error : ± 3μm

Mitutoyo Digital Thickness Gauge 0-12mm 547-401A

Mitutoyo 0-.5/12.7mm Quick Mini Digital Thickness Gage 700-118-30

Features Versatile ID measuring gages for holes diameters, groove thickness, tube thickness, and hard-to-reach dimensions Provide error-free LCD readings as well as data output for SPC analysisSpecifications.

Mitutoyo 209-553 0.79-1.58 in. Digimatic Caliper Gage with SPC Output